The brand

Nabla is a Polish brand that has years of experience in creating wedding dresses. The owner and the designer is Grażyna Wilczak, woman full of passion, love for precision and attention to details. Together with a team of professionals, she creates wedding dress collections designed for women who value beauty, perfection and a pinch of extravagance.

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    About the designer

    Designing wedding dresses is my passion. I value simplicity, perfect cut and attention to details. Nabla is a brand I have been building for years. It shows my precision, technical mind and a soul of an artist that loves beauty and emotions. By designing dresses I make dreams come true.

    I dedicate my motto

    “If you want to be happy, be” to everyone in love.

    Grażyna Wilczak


  • Simplicity with a pinch of extravaganza

    Nabla's projects are unique, modern creations, characterized by supreme production quality and one of a kind design. Combination of simple form, timeless classic and a bit of extravaganza are components that make each Nabla dress absolutely special and unique.

  • Making visions come true

    Each wedding dress designed by Nabla is unique. It is cut, modeled and sewn specifically for dimensions of the future bride. Thanks to that it fits perfectly and accentuates your best features. Our team of highly qualified stylists helps to choose a perfect dress for our clients. All changes are supervised by our designer, Grażyna Wilczak, who combines the idea for a dress with how it can be created.

  • Mathematical precision and classical beauty

    The word Nabla has two meanings – differential operator and musical instrument similar to harp. The first one symbolizes perfect technical background and perfectionism, while the second one is linked to love of artistry. Those two sides  make up together the brand's image.