Where can you purchase Nabla wedding dresses?

Wedding gowns can be ordered in the brand store in Cracow or in one of the retail stores. Their current list is available in the section „Stores”.  


Are all dress models available in every retail store?

In each retail store there is only a selection of available models. For more information, please contact the selected store directly.


Can you order the dress in one of the retail stores but have the fitting in the brand store?

The fitting is always done in the store in which the dress was ordered.




Should you make an appointment before visiting our brand store?

You can arrange the time of the visit via phone, during our working hours.


How much does the visit cost?

Trying on the wedding dresses is free of charge.


How long is the appointment?

Each bride-to-be can try on the dresses for a full clock hour.


How should you prepare for trying on the dresses and what should you take with you?

Before the visit, please take a look at the photos on the website and write down the names of the dresses that drew your attention. We suggest wearing a bra with beige or translucent straps. We measure the dresses on a small platform so shoes are not necessary.


Can you make any alterations to the chosen dress model?

Certainly. Each dress is custom-made so it is possible to create your own version. Our qualified wedding consultants will help you achieve your ideal look.


Is it possible to design your own dress from scratch?

In the case of creating your own project you should make an appointment with our designer, Grażyna Wilczak.


How far in advance should you order the dress?

Best time to order the dress is 5 months before the wedding. Each dress is custom-made and we need time to order the materials, lace and accessories. The sooner you order, the wider choice you will have when it comes to choosing the fitting and the collection time. In special circumstances it is possible to shorten the required time.


How does the realization of the order look like?

Process of creating the dress begins around one month before the wedding date. For the fitting, we prepare the base of the dress, cut to client's size. We make all necessary alterations and fit it to the figure. It is crucial to take with you the underwear and the shoes you intend to wear during your wedding. Two weeks later, during the collection, we try on the finished dress. Between the fitting and the collection you should keep the same weight, then the dress will not require any alterations.


What kind of underwear is suggested?

When you decide on a dress we will suggest you the best option for that dress.


Is it necessary to make an advanced payment while placing the order?

Yes, you need to pay half of the price of the dress up front.


What payment options are available?

In our brand store you can pay by cash. We also accept money transfer to our bank account.


What accessories are available in the brand store?

We offer veils, jackets, shawls, hair accessories and jewelry.


Can you place an Internet order?

We do not sell online.


Can you rent a dress?

We do not have any rental dresses.


Can you buy a pre-made dress?

It is possible to purchase certain dress models from store exhibition.